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Bronx Men Plead Guilty to Illegal Gambling Ring Operation

In November of 2006, eleven men were arrested for their supposed involvement with operating and/or working in an illegal gambling ring. The gambling ring was believed to have earned $200,000 a year in profits. Yesterday, two of the eleven men plead guilty to participating in an illegal gambling ring. The ring was being run out of the Bronx in a Hunts Point wholesale produce market. (27/08)

BookMaker CEO Richardson and Joe “The Factsman” Apricena at it again

It was announced today by the CEO of the BookMaker website, Mickey Richardson that BookMaker would be accepting $1,000,000 USD bet from Joe “The Factsman” Apricena on United States College Football. This amount is record setting for one bet and of course could come from none other than the professional sports handicapper himself, Apricena. (21/08)

BetAmerica Creates Easier Way for Americans to Wager on Horse Races

BetAmerica is an American based horseracing wagering site of Horse Race North Dakota. The website has created a new online betting service that is supposed to make betting on horse races easier. The new service will also make it easier to watch horse races. (19/08)

French Tennis Player Banned for Betting on Matches

There are just some things you should not do when you are a professional athlete and one of those is betting on your sport. Mathieu Moncourt, a French tennis player, found that out the hard way when he was fined and banned from the sport for eight weeks after he was found guilty of betting on the outcome of matches. (15/08)

2008 Summer Olympics Sports Betting On the Rise

The 2008 Summer Olympics only started just a few days ago, but already people are betting on the different sports in large numbers. NBC the reigning channel for the Olympics has seen a rise in ratings since the Olympics began on August 8th, largely due to the viewers who have placed bets on their country. (13/08)

BetOnSports Associates Plead Guilty in St. Louis Sports Betting Case

In 2006, the St. Louis United States Attorney’s office filed charges against BetOnSports executives and other employees with illegally accepting bets online. That same year the Company was permanently barred from accepting any bets from United States gamblers. BetOnSports pleaded guilty to accepting bets from US gamblers last year and now three men associated with the Company have plead guilty to federal charges. (11/08)

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