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Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh Bookermakers Favorites to win Travelers Championship

Online bookmakers are backing Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh to win the Travelers Championship taking place in Cromwell, Connecticut. Leading the pack is Hunter Mahan but Singh and Garcia are not very far behind. (29/06)

Former Executives of BetOnSports Plead Guilty to Racketeering Charges

Neil Scott Kaplan, Lori Beth Kaplan-Multz and Penelope Ann Tucker have all pled guilty to Federal racketeering charges in US District Court in St Louis. All parties agreed to forfeit millions of dollars to keep from going to jail. (26/06)

Odds Shorten on Murray and Federer for Wimbledon

Andy Murray and Roger Federerís odds for winning Wimbledon have shortened as news was released that Raphael Nadal had pulled out of the competition. Nadal pulled out because he had suffered a knee injury and now both Murray and Federer are getting shorter odds from bookmakers. (24/06)

Bookmakers Release NFL Super Bowl Picks

Since the ice hockey and NBA seasons have ended, bookmakers are now making their picks for the 2010 Super Bowl. The NFL season begins September 10th and already the New England Patriots are in the lead as the team to beat. (19/06)

Football Team Owner States his Feelings on Sports Betting

Robert McNair is the owner of the Houston Texans NFL football team and he recently commented on sports betting in the NFL. The NFL is trying very hard to keep sports betting from taking place within their sport but many believe it is eventually going to happen and that includes McNair. (17/06)

Betting Suspended on Zlatan Ibrahimovic Joining Barcelona Team

Speculation has increased that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be leaving Inter and coming to join the Barcelona team. Gossip has increased as Italian bookmakers have stopped taking bets on whether Zlatan will be moving to Barcelona. (10/06)

Sportingbet Looks to Move into UK

Executives at Sporting bet have stated that they are looking into increasing their sports booking business in Britain. The company is adjusting their marketing strategy to focus on bringing their business to the United Kingdom. (08/06)

State Representative Wants NCAA to Keep Options Open for Montana Teams

Denny Rehberg is a United States Representative that is trying to convince the NCAA to think about a rule that may disqualify Montana football teams from hosting playoff games in their state. Montana offers legalized betting on fantasy sports leagues and they are trying to work with the NCAA to show that these offerings do not violate the NCAAís belief against wagering on sports events. (05/06)

Bodog Player Wins Three Millionth Player Package after Placing Sports Bet


NASCAR Not Worried About Legalized Sports Betting

Many sports organizations have joined the NFL bandwagon against legalized sports betting in the United States. The NBA, NCAA and others have stated, along with the NFL, their opposition of sports betting being legal in the United States. One sports organization that is not worried is NASCAR. The racing giant is not worried about their players gambling as long as they donít bet on their races. (01/06)

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