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Wailuku Man to pay large fine for illegal sports betting operation

Kent Nakamura of Wailuku has been sentenced for his involvement in a sports betting ring which was in operation almost four years ago. The sixty year old has been ordered by the court to pay $11,00 in fines for his part in the operation. (29/11)

Illegal Gambling Expected at 2010 Iron Bowl

The 2010 Iron Bowl, where the Alabama Crimson Tide will face the Auburn Tigers, is expected to be the biggest game of the college football season. The Tide has reigned supreme for many years, however his year the Tigers are set to give them a run for their money. Since the game is expected to be so large, many believe illegal sports betting on the game will be in massive proportions. (22/11)

Thirteen People Arrested in Connecticut for Illegal Sports Betting Ring

Police have arrested thirteen people in Connecticut for their connection with an illegal sports betting ring. The group operated in Hartford and the surrounding area and was taking bets on several sports options including professional and college sports. (19/11)

UK Boxer in sports betting trouble

A professional boxer from the United Kingdom got in trouble recently after he made remarks about placing wagers on his match. David Haye the new WBA heavyweight title champion recently stated that he and family members had wagered that he would win the fight in the third round after he, Hayes, predicted it. (17/11)

Baseball Manager Suspended for Sports Betting

Sportsí betting is considered a major no-no for those who are employed by a sports team. If one is caught placing sports bets, they will be subject to a major investigation and will most likely lose their job. Recently a Mets clubhouse manager was suspended from his job after an investigation was launched as to his involvement in a sports betting ring. (11/11)

Victor Chandler Adds More in-play betting options

Victor Chandler, an online sports book, recently made a few changes to upgrade their in-play betting options. Gamblers will now find that the online sports betting site offers more live action betting after they have added the latest technology from Zukido Limited. (03/11)

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