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New Mobile Sports Wagering Application launched on Android

A new mobile sport wagering application has been released by Cantor Gaming for the Android and customers will now be able to place wagers via any Android device. Cantor Gaming, a large gambling operator in Nevada created the new option so customers will be able to place wagers at their sports books. (28/10)

New Zealand TAB earns large turnover with Rugby World Cup betting

The New Zealand TAB was able to earn a very large total turnover for the wagers placed on the recent Rugby World Cup. TAB in New Zealand was able to earn over $30 million in turnover for the wagers placed during the rugby tournament. (25/10)

New Jersey Voters Supporting Sports Betting Option

Operators want to bring sports betting options to the state of New Jersey and to do so they have to get the majority of voters in the state to approve this option. Rutgers-Eagleton created a poll to see if the voters would like to see sports betting options available in the state and according to the poll, the majority of the voters are in favor of this option. (21/10)

Australian Cartoonist denies involvement in Sports betting scandal

Larry Pickering is a famous cartoonist from Australia and he has been alleged to have been part of a large sports betting operation. Pickering denies these claims and says he was not part of the scandal. The sports betting operation saw over one hundred investors lose millions of dollars in the process. (17/10)

Nevada Gaming Control Board approves sports betting application for iPhone

American Wagering Inc has been busy over the past few weeks creating a sports betting application for iPhones that will be used by the residents of Nevada to place sports wagers. Before the application could be available, the Nevada Gaming Control Board had to give the application their approval, which they now have done. (14/10)

Sportingbet announces Takeover Talks are over with Ladbrokes

For some time now, online gambling operators, Sportingbet and Ladbrokes have been in talks to see Ladbrokes taking over the company. However Sportingbet has now announced that the talks have ceased. After the announcement was made, the shares for Sportingbet dropped significantly. (10/10)

Nine Men arrested in Scottish Premier League Probe

The Merseyside Police Department has been busy investigating suspicious betting patterns in a soccer match involving the Scottish Premier League. Nine men have now been arrested and one of the men arrested in Wayne Rooney Sr, the father of Wayne Rooney Jr, the Manchester United striker. (07/10)

Intertops picks Patriots to win over Jets

Online sportsbook Intertops is on top of the online sports betting game. They offer wagers on all types of sports including football in the NFL. Fans and gamblers love to place wagers on NFL games and with the season in full swing, Intertops is very busy keeping betting lines open for online gamblers. The online sports book recently released a statement on an upcoming game this weekend between the Patriots and the Jets. (05/10)

Leroy’s Sportsbook to power new sports betting kiosks in Nevada

Just a few days ago, we reported on the new sports betting kiosks that are being installed by Golden Gaming in the state of Nevada. Now we have learned that the kiosks will be powered by Leroy’s Sportsbook which is the largest independent sportsbook operator in the state. (03/10)

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