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Boxer cashes out on Football Sports Bet

The more money one has the more money there is to wager. This statement makes perfect sense especially for celebrities and sports figures. Both types of people are constantly seen at casinos or on television competing in poker events. They have the money to wager and they tend to up the ante many times! Recently a report surfaced that Floyd Mayweather Jr. wagered a good bit of money on a football game and managed to win! (30/12)

Red Star launches new sports betting site

Red Star is a top provider of online poker options in Russia and they recently decided to partner with Sports Betting Tech to create a new sports betting site. Red Star Sports has now launched and will offer players in Russia and other Eastern European countries the ability to wager on their favorite sports teams and games. (28/12)

SkyBet launches unique mobile sports betting option

SkyBet is one of the first online gambling operators to offer a unique option for mobile bettors. Now available on the operators mobile platform is scorecast betting. SkyBet is now offering this option and they are one of only two bookmakers who have the capability to offer this option. (26/12)

Bwin launches sports betting app for Smartphone’s

Bwin is one of the largest online gambling firms in the industry and they are constantly adding content to their gambling sites. Bwin has now moved into the mobile betting options with a new sports betting application available to those who own Smartphone’s. The new application can now be downloaded and used to place sports wagers on several different teams and genres. (22/12)

Kenya launches sports betting options

Residents of Kenya now have many sports wagering options thanks to the launch of Gaming International. The Sports Gaming Company is now live after this past week and gamblers can now wager on a wide range of sports from tennis, boxing, cricket and football. (19/12)

Online and Cell sports betting options dropped from NJ betting proposal

Over the past few weeks we have brought you updates on the proposed sports betting law in the state of New Jersey. The law has been steadily moving forward and it was set up to allow players to place sports wagers at casinos, race tracks, from home via their computer or mobile device. Now the law has hit a bump and lawmakers have dropped the online and Smartphone options. (16/12)

Police warning Australian sporting bodies of corruption

The police in Australia have been studying legal and illegal offshore betting and they have now stated that offshore betting options have proven they have the potential to cause serious corruption in professional sports. The potential for corruption has been underestimated according to police and they are warning sports operators that they need be aggressive in protecting their codes. (14/12)

New Jersey Sports Betting Law one step closer to fruition

The state of New Jersey is trying to pass a new sports betting law which would allow residents of the state to use their computers and Smartphone’s to wager on their favorite games and sports teams. The law has moved one step closer to fruition last week after a state Assembly approved the proposal. (12/12)

Unibet moving into the pool betting market in Asia

Unibet is a large gambling company that has their hand in many different genres of gambling. The company has a B2B subsidiary called Kambi Sports Solutions which recently signed a new deal to provide specific betting options to the Asian marketplace. (08/12)

Cantor Gaming and The Palms to create new online sports book

Cantor Gaming has signed a deal with The Palms casino group in Las Vegas to create a new sports book option for bettors. The new sports book will use technology from Cantor Gaming which will use mobile betting devices at the Palms. (06/12)

Sports Bettor earns payout after fighting the Nevada Gaming Control Board

Back in September, Steven Frith was visiting the city of Las Vegas to enjoy a weekend of sports betting. The gambler decided to wager on the USC/Utah football game since he is a USC fan. During the game a betting a rare scoring change caused Frith to lose his bet along with many others. Frith was very angry over the loss and fought the system and finally received his check. (02/12)

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