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Croatian gamblers to get online sportsbook

Gamblers in Croatia have had to do without online sports betting for some time but now things have changed. Hattrick Sports Group Limited recently signed a deal with Zukido Limited to offer online sports betting options. (31/01)

Cantor Gaming receives license for sports wagering at Palms Casino

Cantor Gaming just announced they have now received their final approval for licensing in the state of Nevada which will allow them to offer racing and sports betting options at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The group was approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board this week for licensing. (27/01)

Sports Betting Tech partners with Betshop

Sports Betting Tech is a top provider of sports betting solutions and they recently announced they have partnered with Betshop, a bookmaker located in Europe. Sports Betting Tech will be providing Betshop with live betting solutions for those who wager online as well as at the betting shops. (25/01)

New Jersey Sports Betting Bill signed into Law

The governor of the state of New Jersey has officially signed a bill into law which will allow legalized sports betting to take place in the state. Governor Chris Christie signed the bill this past Tuesday and sports betting is now legal but will not be allowed until the federal ban is overturned in the US. (18/01)

Businessman earns jail time for laundering money for sports betting operation

A Spring Township businessman has now earned significant jail time for his part in a sports betting scheme. Christopher J. Naso is the president of Hearthstone Homes Inc and he recently pled guilty to bookmaking and engaging in unlawful activity. (16/01)

Betfair and IOC to work together on 2012 Olympic Games

Many government officials are worried that upcoming Olympic Games will result in illegal betting or event fixing. The International Olympic Committee has stated they will be working with many betting operators to make sure this does not happen. The IOC has currently announced they will be working with Betfair to watch for suspicious betting patterns. (12/01)

Facebook launches new social betting option

Facebook is an online social networking site that offers their members a wide variety of options. Members can now place wagers on many different sporting events on the new social betting application that just launched on Facebook. The new application is a great way for beginning sports bettors to be able to practice placing wagers to see how well they do. (09/01)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. posts his sports gambling winnings

Just a few days ago we brought you the news of Floyd Mayweather Jr. winning over $1 million dollars by betting on the Patriots to win against the Broncos. Apparently Floyd was very happy over the win and decided to post his other sports betting accomplishments on Twitter. Since Christmas, the gambler has reportedly won at least $854,000. (05/01)

Britainís Olympics Minister afraid games may be threatened

Hugh Robertson the Olympic minister in Britain is worried that the Games, which will take place this year, may be threatened by illegal gambling rings. Robertson is afraid that syndicates will try and fix the results to make a profit. (02/01)

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