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Illegal Sports Betting running rampant in South Korea

It may be a few years before it happens, but South Korea is worried about hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics. The county is worried that illegal sports betting will take place since they are having to deal with a widely spread match fixing scandal. The scandal spans to at least five different sports in the nation and will continue to spread if it is not stopped. (29/02)

Manchester City Teams up with Paddy Power

Online bookmaker Paddy Poker has just announced that they have teamed up with the Manchester City Football Club to become their betting partner in the United Kingdom. With the new deal, both Paddy Power and Manchester City will be working together in a wide range of activities. (22/02)

Sportsbooks continue to create wagers for rising NBA star

The New York Knicks used to be a team that was passed up quite often when it came to sports betting. However, with the addition of Jeremy Lin, the team has increased their odds of winning the NBA Championship considerably and now sports books have been creating more wagers on the player. (17/02)

Miami Sports Radio Personality owes major money to sports betting site

Sid Rosenberg is the host of a sports radio show in Miami, Florida. It has been reported that Rosenberg owes a sports betting site tens of thousands of dollars for placing wagers on sports. It has been alleged that Rosenberg owes over $44,000 to an online site called 1BetVegas. (15/02)

Betfair launches improved sports betting application for iPad

Online gambling operator Betfair offers their players many different gambling options including sports betting. The online gambling operator has launched a new and improved version of their Betfair iPad mobile betting application and players can go ahead and use the application now. (10/02)

Las Vegas makes major profit with 2012 Super Bowl

The 2012 Super Bowl has come and gone and many who wagered on the game were able to make a profit, especially the bookies. Las Vegas is a top gambling destination and they saw tons of wagers taking place on this year’s Super Bowl and managed to make a nice profit. (08/02)

Sports Betting options to expand in Kenya

Sports betting has been in Kenya for decades now but the options have been on the low scale. However, gambling company Gaming International has been in the country investing money and creating sports betting options. The company has already invested over $305 million and they are now getting ready to expand to major cities in Kenya over the next six months. (06/02)

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