Boxing Pro Keeps Up Sports Betting Winning Streak
Sports betting are a popular pastime of many individuals including sports stars themselves. Of course there are many sports organizations that do not allow their players to place sports wagers, but there are still those who face no repercussions such as boxers. Boxers such as Floyd Mayweather take their sports seriously and enjoy placing large wagers on games and individuals players. When bettors have the cash, a large amount can be won, if the right picks are made. Mayweather is an avid bettor who recently earned a nice payday after wagering on a few large sports events.

The boxer has never been one to avoid a good bet and was able to win a nice chunk of cash this past week. The pro wagered on the games taking place with the Michigan State Spartans as well as the Oklahoma Sooners.

Michigan State was able to defeat Stanford 24-20 and this resulted in Mayweather earning $112,500. This is a nice amount and Mayweather announced the win over Twitter. The boxer stated that he wagered $50,000 and always bet on green.

Mayweather then earned $102,500 after wagering on the Oklahoma and Alabama NCAA football game. Mayweather posted a photo on Twitter of his winning ticket, this time earning just under the last amount win. This was also a $50,000 bet but he earned just over the bet, $52,500.

So, for the week, the popular boxer earned $215,000. This is a large amount and makes one wonder if Mayweather is constantly winning or if he is just refraining from posting his losing tickets to Twitter as well! The pro definitely has plenty of cash to burn and the $50,000 wager was just a drop in the bucket for the multi-million dollar sports star.

- 2014-01-09

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