Delaware Casinos worrying about upcoming NFL season
The NFL lockout situation currently has casinos in the state of Delaware worrying about the upcoming sports betting season. The casinos in the state are the only ones in a large area that provide sports betting options for punters and with millions made last year the casinos are wondering if the lock out is going to affect their business.

For last year’s NFL season the casinos in Delaware were able to earn over $12 million on games bets and 2.2 million went toward the general fund of the state. This is a good chunk of change and will definitely hurt the casinos sports betting revenues if they are unable to provide NFL betting options.

Delaware is only able to offer NFL betting so their sports betting options are very limited. The state wanted to offer parlay betting or wagering on sets of games but the courts limited them to just NFL betting.

Ed Sutor the Dover Downs President and CEO commented: “We’re glad we have what we have, rather than nothing. The ability to be on single games would have been much more attractive.”
Now the casinos are worried that if there is no NFL season then they will have to shut down sports betting options. Sutor stated that losing the NFL would hurt their casinos as sports bettors are mainly male and if the men cannot place sports bets then they may not even visit the casinos to gamble at other games such as blackjack or poker.

The state will just have to wait and see what the NFL is going to do but for their sakes they hope the season will get started as normal.

- 2011-04-29

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