Sports betting could keep Mississippi gaming afloat
Casino gaming is available in the United States but not every state is able to offer land based gaming. The state of Mississippi is one such area that offers land based casino gaming and has been quite successful in doing so. Casino revenues has now leveled off and like other states, Mississippi must now focus on other areas of revenues in the hopes of maintaining programs as well as state revenues.

American Gaming Association Presidnet, Geoff Freeman, has spoken out recently, suggesting that sports betting is the best way for the state as well as other states to gain additional income.

Freeman was in Biloxi recently and spoke about the fantasy sports industry and how it would affect states nationwide. According to Freeman, the AGA has studied the sports betting industry and has decided to be an advocate for change in the industry. A survey was conducted that showed 80% of viewers of the Super Bowl wanted to change the law about sports betting and 65% of these viewers believed that regulating the industry will strengthen the integrity of said games or have no impact on the outcome of the games.

Freeman also stated that owners of sporting franchises as well as leagues have been speaking out in favor of eliminating the prohibition on sports betting most states, known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. In the past, owners and leagues have been opposed due to the fear of match fixing or tampering during sporting events.

As with other countries that offer sports betting, such ideas are valid but there are regulations and rules that can be put in place to avoid such issues. it will certainly be interesting to see if sports betting changes are made in the United States and what exactly takes place in the industry.

- 2016-08-09

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