Sportsbetting Leads to Murder
When it comes to gambling, many gamblers become too wrapped in their favorite games and go to extreme measures to be able to play their favorite games. In Goa, two teenage gamblers took their sports betting to the extreme and killed their grandmother to steal money to gamble with.

Police in Goa arrested two male teenagers who allegedly killed their grandmother to be able to gamble on cricket games with the Indian Premier League. The teens took their grandmother money after supposedly killing her to be able to bet on the sports games.

The teens, only 14 and 15 years of age, were part of a gang of five people who were held by police for the alleged murder of 65 year old Linda Cajetan Andrade. The elderly woman was found naked in her home back in May. The two teens are suspected of stealing $6,950 as well as gold items from her home. Arvind Gawas, the police superintendant in Goa, commented on the incident by stating:

“These boys wanted money to bet on the Indian Premier League and the (European Football Championship). After the murder and robbery they sold all the gold and distributed the money amongst themselves. They betted during the IPL and continued during the Euro cup.”

The five people accused of the crime were picked up in the south of Goa after one of the group confessed to murdering Andrade. Besides Andrade’s two grandsons, the three other people involved in the incident were only 15, 19 and 21 years of age.

This is just one of many instances where gamblers take wagering way too far. The teens lives have now been changed forever just over a stupid decision. Hopefully their story will help other problem gamblers think twice before they make a similar decision.

- 2012-06-22

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