Stanleybet Outlet Shut Down Again
Stanleybet has had more trouble in Athens with the sports betting outlet they opened last year. The store was shut down soon after opening because it was competing with the Greek gambling monopoly OPAP. The store was soon reopened after going to court but now the store has been shut down yet again.

A court has ruled that a higher tribunal is going to review the case and decide if the store should be allowed to operate. Stanleybet released a statement saying the Athens administrative court accepted the appeal by the OPAP.

Stanleybet also stated that they will continue to defend their right to offer sports betting in Greece and all across Europe. Both Stanleybet and William Hill have been working to offer their services by challenging the OPAP monopoly.

The European Commission has launched an infringement against Greece as they are trying to let external companies compete with internal country monopolies. It will be interesting to see what decision the courts will make and if the sports betting outlet will be allowed to operate in Athens.

- 2009-02-18

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